Divine Chocolate tour in Ireland continues

Mayor of Skibbereen and Divine Chocolate unveil the towns Fairtrade status

Divine Chocolate’s touring farmer’s visited Skibbereen, a small town south west of Cork to announce the town’s Fairtrade status with the Mayor of Skibbereen. An ex Nigerian cocoa farmer who now live’s in Skibbereen met the farmers and shared experiences. Congratulations to Skibbereen on achieving Fairtrade status!

A long day ended with a trip to Bantry – an idyllic village on the southern coast of Ireland. The wind was beginning to blow but the warmth and enthusiasm of our welcome was very touching.
After having been formally welcomed by Mayor Mary Haggerty and signed the visitors book in the Town Hall our party crossed the road to a fairtrade event at the
Christian Fellowship Church. The local Fairtrade Steering Group had organised a limerick competion, the first line being ‘There once was a producer from Ghana’. Over 200 entries were recieved and the farmers were delighted to hear the limericks and hand over Divine Chocolate hampers to the two winners.

Winner of the Bantry Limericks competition

Under 12 Winning Limerick
There was a producer from Ghana
Who liked to produce a banana
Be just and be nice
and pay a fair price
To himself and his wife Susannah

Under 18 entry Winning Limerick
There once was a producer from Ghana
Who worked in a field with a lama
He grew chocolate from seeds
For fairtrade societies
To be sold to your lovely old nana


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