Meet the farmers

Divine Chocolate is delighted to have two cocoa farmers from Kuapa Kokoo visiting and touring the UK this Fairtrade Fortnight. They are –


Mr Anane Mensah, aged 41, is Kuapa Kokoo’s Area President for the Enchi region. He is also a Recorder; a highly respected role which is of vital importance to the structure and organisation of Kuapa Kokoo. Only those who are trusted across the community and are fellow farmers are elected to take on the role of a Recorder which involves accurately weighing the cocoa and paying farmers the correct price accordingly. Mr Mensah is married with two children.


Mr James Adiyiah, aged 62, is the Recorder for the Kokofu community. He is married with seven children. He and his family have benefitted greatly from Kuapa and Fairtrade – he has been able to educate his children, several of whom are now studying at university. His community has also seen some real benefits. A number of local women have received financial loans via Kuapa which they have invested in soap-making and tie-dye cottage industries. Encouraging women’s empowerment through investing in diversification schemes such as these remain key to Kuapa Kokoo’s ethos.


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