James & Anane talk to schoolchildren at the Museum of Docklands

By James and Anane’s watches our 9am pickup already signalled mid-morning – they’re used to rising at 5am back on their farms in Ghana. Despite their 3165 mile journey from Accra in Ghana over to London the previous morning they were all set for an action packed day.  Struck by the manic pace of London’s rush-hour traffic and watching harried commuters bustle to work, all the sites and sounds of our big city were absorbing them when we arrived at their hotel to pick them up.

But there was no time to tarry for we were off to the Museum of London Docklands (http://www.museumindocklands.org.uk/English/). En route we showed the two farmers some of London’s tallest and most iconic buildings in Canary Wharf.  James and Anane were then greeted by 34 primary school children from five local schools who were keen to quiz the farmers about every aspect of life as Ghanaian Fairtrade cocoa farmers.  The Q&A session was filmed and will be turned into a DVD and then be sent to the five schools, allowing the pupils to share their experiences with the rest of their classmates.  The teachers from the five schools were also given the chance to talk to the farmers and the Divine team and were enthusiastic about the impact and relevance of engaging their schools in Fairtrade.

James and Anane at the Docklands Museum

James and Anane at the Docklands Museum

Chocolate can’t fail but go down a treat so every schoolchild was thrilled to be given a bar of Dubble (Divine’s sister chocolate brand which was launched by Divine and Comic Relief especially for children: www.dubble.co.uk).  The children were particularly excited to be eating a bar of chocolate which they had learnt so much about – knowing the raw product had been grown by farmers like James and Anane doubled their pleasure of the chocolatey treat.  Some gorgeous Divine chocolate was also shared out amongst the teachers for them to take back to their schools.  There was just time for a quick guided tour around the museum before the farmers were taken to Christian Aid’s offices for a lunchtime presentation for members of staff and supporters at Christian Aid.

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