Kettlethorpe High School

We visited a lively group of Year 9s at Kettlethorpe High School this afternoon, with local Fairtrade campaigner Flo Bradley. Anane presented with a slideshow and we played Pa Pa Paa Bingo with them. Then we got the children to get into groups and come up with some ideas for promoting Fairtrade in the local media, and to come up with a message for Anane to take back home to Ghana.

While they were a fairly boisterous bunch of young people, they turned all sweet for the messages to Ghana. There were some quite moving ones:

“We are very grateful for the products you make. From now on, we won’t take chocolate for granted as we know how it has been made.”

“Good luck with the cocoa farming. Everyone hopes you keep getting the money and rewards you’ve earned.”

“He was a very good speaker and his chocolate is very nice. Also, pa pa paa!”

“The hard work put into making these products is high. So we value it.”

“We take chocolate for granted, we don’t know how hard the farmers have to work for it. We wish you all the best – thank you.”

“Thank for for coming to our school and explaining how you make chocolate. Good luck with the future.”


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