Norton Disney and Lincoln

Up at the crack of dawn this morning for a long drive with David and the farmers down to Lincoln, well, first to a lodge in a place with the charming name of Norton Disney. James and I had our customary bowl of Premier Inn porridge, Anane doesn’t eat before 9am so he just had coffee, then off we went.

At Norton Lodge, we took part in a well attended schools workshop, organised by the Lincolnshire Co-operative, who are very active in all kinds of things in this area. The workshop was focused on co-ops and Fairtrade, and Anane and James rose to the occasion, describing clearly the benefits of co-operative working in the course of their cocoa farming activities in Kuapa Kokoo.

Next we took part in the Go Bananas Fairtrade Foundation action:

James and Anane Go Bananas in Norton Disney!

James and Anane Go Bananas in Norton Disney!

We were served a very traditional English roast beef lunch, followed by jam roly poly and custard. Then off to Lincoln to be shown the glorious cathedral, a romanesque gothic masterpiece of substantial proportions. It’s completely flat countryside around Lincoln, but the city itself is built on a hill, with the cathedral on the very top, plainly visible for miles and miles around the city, not so much towering over it as sitting comfortably above it.

Then to Lincoln City Football Club stadium, for more presentations and a chocolate ganache making workshop from David. The combination of James and Anane’s cocoa and Fairtrade presentation with David’s more light hearted chocolate banter made for a very enjoyable afternoon for everyone who attended. We also worked in the Fairtrade Foundation’s Go Bananas action by dipping bananas in the chocolate ganache!
We were lucky enough to be given a guided tour around the stadium by the football fanatic venue manager, Wayne Banks. We also had dinner in one of the hospitality boxes overlooking the stadium. It was a lovely little room for dinner, with a great view: the empty stadium stretched out in front of us, and Lincoln Cathedral rising up behind it.


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