Most people love chocolate…..

…..but its even better when it is made with Fairtrade ingredients!

I  visited the University of Birmingham to give a chocolate workshop to the students and staff begining with a brief history of chocolate (including how many cups Casanova was reputed to drink every day to maintain his health!), explained how the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmers’ cooperative operates and how the Divine Chocolate company has become so successful in such a short time. They were amazed to learn that there are only 16 employees in the company which is co-owned by the farmers themselves who get to share in the profits.

I then explained what ingredients go into a Divine bar and how the quality of the ingredients enhances the final product. Then the students and staff got to everyone’s favourite bit – chocolate tasting – though they were first shown how to appreciate the quality by listening to the ‘snap’ as the bar is broken; looking at the shininess; smelling the chocolate then finally placing it on the front of our tongues where the best taste receptors are –  then they got to enjoy it!


3 Responses to Most people love chocolate…..

  1. Joanie Pomseed says:

    These chocolates are exquisite! You mentioned the ingredients, but can you tell me if the sugar was processed through a char filter? (I couldn’t access the FAQ.)

    Also, this is off-topic, but are you the same David GH who uploaded that photo of the kanap tree in Haiti?

  2. Joanie Pomseed says:

    Thanks for the good news (and I’m sorry I missed the blog last week), but on behalf of my Jewish friends, I feel compelled to point out that bone char is indeed acceptable by Kosher law, as it no longer chemically resembles bone. I’m just glad to know it’s not as common as I thought. Thanks again.

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