Retrospective on the farmers’ tour

At the end of the tour we all got together at Divine so that the rest of the office could meet the farmers – hear their stories and what they had made of their tour round UK.  What they have repeated througout the tour is that “if it weren’t for Divine, they wouldn’t be here” and that it has been an extraordinary experience to be here.  It’s a revelation to see how much chocolate we eat here and it made them very proud to see people enjoying Divine Chocolate and see it stocked in so many shops.  We asked them what had struck them most while they were here.  Both James and Anane had been really impressed by our schools here (they visited a lot of them!).  How organised, disciplined, well-resourced they are. How good the teachers are.  Education for their own children has been so important to them.  James also then said “One thing I am going to say when I get back to my society is this. People should not be selling their homes and giving up their cocoa farms to come here to UK – it is not easy for people when they come over here, and they shouldn’t give up on what they have in Ghana.”

The thought that in 12 hours time they would be stepping out into the heat on the Accra airport tarmac brought big smiles to their faces.  “Soon I will see my wife!” beamed James.  They were both planning to gather all their villages together to give them the full low-down on what they had done, seen and heard while they were here. Posted by Charlotte


One Response to Retrospective on the farmers’ tour

  1. Barbara Smith says:

    I heard James speak at Traidcraft’s open evening at Gateshead. It was the Highlight of my day—- and it had been an exciting day anyway! Thankyou for making his visit possible.

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