Alternative Summit in Trafalgar Square

Protest Marchers

Protest Marchers

Sara handed out postcards promoting Egg a Politician

Sara handed out postcards promoting Egg a Politician

With the G20 around the corner, we decided there was too much going on in London yesterday not to get involved so myself from Divine, Sara from Dubble and Bex from Fairtrade London Campaign attended the ‘Alternative Summit’ in Trafalgar Square. The weather was glorious and whilst sitting near the fountain we started to see and hear hundreds of people on the ‘YES WE CAN!’ march, marching towards the square from the US embassy .

As everyone gathered the speakers began and we were treated to speeches from Tony Benn, Arthur Scargill and Bruce Kent.

Many of the speeches were focused on current situations in Gaza, Iraq and Afghanastan, as well as spreading important messages on alleviating poverty and global equally. Tony said ‘a global solution to a global problem has to come from all the people of the world,’ Arthur saw the G20 as ‘an important change of direction’ and Bruce welcomed more support for Fairtrade as one of the solutions.

We wandered through the crowd handing out Egg a Politician flyers – our viral chocolate egg campaign keeping fairer trade on the G20 agenda. The mood was buoyant and despite all the news reports from near the Bank, this was an incredibly peaceful and uplifting rally with passionate people Let’s hope that the G20 politicians ignore the isolated public disturbance from the minority and take notice of the demands from the majority for a better world for all of us to live in.

Speakers included:

Tony Benn; Arthur Scargill; Susan George; Bruce Kent, CND; Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition; Dr Mahathir Mohamed, ex President of Malaysia; Daud Abduallah, Muslim Council of Britain; Jeremy Corbyn MP; Keith Sonnet, UNISON; Victoria Brittain; Alan Simpson MP, Billy Hayes,CWU; Ismail Patel, BMI; Mohammed Umar, Ramadan Foundation.


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