Farmers of the world unite!

Divine and Dubble kicked off May 2009 at the City May Day event organised by Trading Visions and The Fairtrade London Campaign.  

Sophi speaks on the steps of the Royal Exchange

Sophi speaks on the steps of the Royal Exchange

It was a perfect sunny afternoon to fly the Fairtrade flag and we made a real statement by setting up our stands in the heart of the City – right at the steps of the Royal Exchange!

The theme of the day was ‘Farmers of the World Unite!’, bringing together stories of small-scale farmers across the globe who are working with businesses and consumers to re-shape our unsustainable food system, through Fairtrade and local food.

Sophi Tranchell (Divine Chocolate Ltd, MD) and Nick Saltmarch (Tracing Paper) were the guest speakers. Both made great speeches illustrating the crucial role that London continues to play in international trade and the importance of reconnecting with small-scale farmers through
Nick Saltmarch speaks on May Day (Photo Phil Clarke-Hill)

Nick Saltmarch speaks on May Day

our consumer choices.

The best of the Fairtrade farmer-owned companies including Divine (of course!), Liberation Nuts and CaféDirect were there to treat people to samples. The Co-operative, Stellar Organics, Traidcraft and Shared Interest were also sampling their wares – making this event an especially tasty afternoon!

Meanwhile, Dubble got the City workers busy on their lunch breaks. They were throwing eggs for the chance to win a FREE Dubble Easter Egg. The rules? Throw a speckled egg at a Dubble Easter Egg and ‘if you hit it, you win it’. What could be simpler? You’d be surprised. Not a lot of bowlers to be found in the City (despite the bowler hats ;))!

Crowds and stalls celebrating May Day (Phil Clark-Hill)

Crowds and stalls celebrating May Day

There was also music from RumHoney – who drew in the crowds from far and wide! – Catherine Brogan from the Fairtrade Foundation who delivered some powerful performance poetry and Louis Cole and his crew keeping the tempo going with their drumming!

A big thanks to Tom and Bex for organising a great afternoon in the perfect location, and to everyone who came to enjoy it.

Fun in the sun on May Day

Fun in the sun on May Day

Dubble outside Royal Exchange

Dubble outside Royal Exchange

Thanks to Phil Clarke-Hill for the photos.

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