Schoolchildren in rural Ghana talk about their hopes and dreams

Webcasting in Ghana

Filming in Ghana

I’ve just looked at this lovely little film on the Pa Pa Paa website.

It’s a brand new unedited webcast made by schoolchildren in rural Ghana, filmed especially to celebrate International Day of the Africa Child tomorrow (Tuesday 16th June).  The children, who are sons and daughters of cocoa farmer members of the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative, talk about their hopes and dreams for the future. 

You need to wait a couple of minutes for the children to stop laughing about being on film (very sweet though!) but this is then followed by some really lovely and genuine viewpoints on their future life and career goals.

One pupil voices her desire to move to the capital of Ghana and become a journalist, while another would prefer to stay in the countryside and be a cocoa farmer like his parents.  One boy would like to have 10 children; while another is keen to earn enough to buy a Hummer or a VW Golf like his doctor-friend! 

Find out more about the making of this webcast which is part of a series of webcasts providing a childs-eye view of Ghanaian life.  Pa Pa Paa LIVE is the brainchild of Comic Relief and Fairtrade charity Trading Visions.  It’s a fantastic facility for schools in the UK to directly interact with students from Ghana, so that they can exchange views on the similarities and differences between their lives.

Visit the Divine website for the full story.


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