Dubble Dream Team’s big day out

Here’s the latest news from Dubble HQ (Dubble is Divine‘s sister brand)


The Dubble Dream Team comes to town

The Dubble Dream Team comes to town


This week was memorable for Dubble HQ. Why? Because the Dubble Dream Team finally got to meet up for a day of Dubble activities with added Comic Relief! The Dream Team is a group of Dubble Agents who have been specially selected to help shape the future of Dubble and http://www.dubble.co.uk. Dubble HQ has always encouraged its young supporters to lead the way and this is just another step on that journey.

Tudor, Quincy, Jac, Hazel, Izzie and Amethyst make up our Dubble Dream Team. Tudor, Quincy, Jac, Hazel and Izzie were all contestants on BBC1s Election and Amethyst AKA Dubble Agent Girl Guide was the ‘Golden Ticket’ prize winner at www.dubble.co.uk. Sadly Izzie was unable to make it but there will be plenty more opportunities.

We started the day in the chocolatey heaven of the Divine offices! It was hot hot hot in the meeting room (well more like melting room!) so the Dream Team had to be quick with their introductions and gooey choc-tastings! Our brand new Divine Dark Chocolate & Raspberries, and Milk chocolate Butterscotch flavours got the thumbs up, but despite being tempted by these new kids on the choc-block, Dubble remained the Dream Team’s favourite – naturally!

We shared news about our morning including where we had come from and all importantly … what we had for breakfast! I gave a brief presentation about Dubble before linking live to our New Korforidua Dubble Agent Dream Team in Ghana – Dubble Agents Charles, Bighting Boy, Elijah, Little Angel, Planet, Moneisco Lady and Daddy Cash (all children of Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmers)! The joys of modern communication meant that it wasn’t always easy to hear one another, but we definitely all enjoyed a good laugh trying to understand what each other were saying.

Dubble Dream Team go up river to Comic Relief

Dubble Dream Team go up river to Comic Relief

After lunch we took a boat up the river Thames and headed back to work. This time at the Comic Relief offices. The Dream Team were keen to join the hall of fame and stopped for pictures in the celebrity lined red corridors. Ruth and Louise were waiting to pick the campaign brains of the Dream Teamers, after which they were split in to teams and set the mission of being Comic Relief funders. It was a unanimous decision to support application number 2 by both teams!

The Dubble Dream Team arrive at Comic Relief for some serious planning meetings

The Dubble Dream Team arrive at Comic Relief for some serious planning meetings

The end of a great day and the beginning of a great joint-venture at Dubble HQ!

A special thanks has to go to our designated film maker, Aisha, who made a short film of the day as part of her work experience at Dubble HQ. Thanks Aisha!


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