Whats your Sport Relief challenge?

We have the perfect prize for all of those who are rising to the challenge and doing the Sport Relief Mile! Dubble’s Fairtrade milk chocolate gold medals are available exclusively at Sainsbury’s and cost £1.00. 10% donation from every purchase will go to Sport Relief.

Comment below and let us know what you are doing to raise money for Sport Relief and we’ll award the most creative idea with a Divine chocolate selection!


3 Responses to Whats your Sport Relief challenge?

  1. chris white says:

    We are cycling excercise bikes in the Strand Shopping Centre,Bootle , for 5 days with the aim of coverimng 5000 miles!!!

  2. Matt Hodgson says:

    I’m aiming to swim a total of 21 miles (the length of the Channel crossing) in 7 days at my local pool. I’ve got 12½ miles to go :S

  3. Briony says:

    On Saturday morning I am taking part in a sponsored obstacle course on horseback (!!!) at the stables where I go riding. The stables is called Willows Nook and I am riding a pony called Alfie. Wish me luck !
    Briony, age 10.

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