New toilets Kuapa-style

Sophi reports from Ghana:

Toilets built with Fairtrade premiums - Kuapa-style!

While we were in Ghana for the AGM, we visited Bipoa, one of the original Kuapa Kokoo village societies.   Kyei Kingsley, the Kuapa Kokoo recorder for the village welcomed us.   

Kuapa Recorder Kyei Kingsley weighs and pays for Issah Mohammed's cocoa

He showed us his cocoa shed where a poster of Divine’s Annual Report had pride of place on the wall. Then he took us to a farm so we could see how the new cocoa season was progressing.  We saw him weighing and buying sacks of cocoa beans from farmer Issah Mohammed.

Before we left the villages we popped to the toilet block that had been built using Fairtrade premiums.  I liked the Male and Female signs of people wearing Kuapa Kokoo Pa pa paa cloth.

Kuapa men - this way!

2 Responses to New toilets Kuapa-style

  1. Brian Smith says:

    Nice to see the result of FairTrade, t/y

  2. d.moll says:

    I love the signs!!!!!

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