Kuapa Kokoo democracy in action

Sophi reports from Kuapa Kokoo’s AGM:

Kuapa Kokoo members gather for the AGM

This was my tenth AGM and this time I was delighted to be able to take my son Fenner with me to see democracy in action.

After much consultation, Kuapa Kokoo adopted a new constitution last year.  The biggest impact of the new constitution was to decentralise much of the power and week to week decision making to the 52 districts.  This meant that the AGM was the culmination of six months of elections. First at a village level, then at a District level and finally two representatives, a man and women gather at the AGM in Kumasi to elect the new National Executive Committee 

The AGM is an amazing feat of organisation. Getting 2600 representative from their villages to Kumasi, making sure they have all something to eat and drink, somewhere to stay and place to wash.  The venue was Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Kumasi, the atmosphere was like a party.  Everyone had their credentials checked and were issued with Delegate’s cards.  On the first evening they listen to the hustings, the candidates presenting their vision for Kuapa.

Sophi and Fenner with a kind Kuapa member who stopped the banner from flapping in the wind

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