Kuapa Kokoo refreshed

The latest post from Sophi at the Kuapa Kokoo AGM:

Mr Buah and some of the members of the outgoing Kuapa NEC

The outgoing President Mr Paul CK Buah, and the outgoing National Executive Committee were leaving Kuapa Kokoo in a considerably better position then they had inherited, they had worked hard and well together.

They met on a quarterly basis to run all the divisions of Kuapa, The Trading company, The Farmers Trust, The Credit Union, and the Union itself.  They had introduced a new constitution decentralising power to the 52 Districts which should prove positive for both the democracy and the business.  They also audited all the Social Projects that had been funded from Fairtrade Social Premiums, and made good those that had fallen into disrepair. 

A Memorandums of Understanding for all the schools they had built was also introduce, as well as a formal transparent process for villages applying for social projects.  They passed formal policy on their commitment to erradicate the worst forms of child labour and developed an internal control system so that they have much more information on all their members in each of the village societies. They were handing over a new and refreshed Kuapa Kokoo and they are all keen to see the new NEC succeed. 


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