Tal’s first week at Divine

Guest blog from Tal Drori – who’s joined us from Heinz as Marketing Manager:

Tal outside Divine HQ

Being the new kid on the block is never an easy one but somehow a minute after I went through the door at Divine towers (not really – its more like a town house) I felt cosy and comfortable. 

Dwennimmen - humility and inner strength

It’s the small things that make you feel welcome, like having a 5 minutes explanation on how to adjust your chair to the optimal posture for your back, or how to choose one of the Ghanaian Adinkra symbols (the ones which are on all our packs) to go into your business card.  I chose Dwennimen which stands for humility and inner strength.

The little open space office down in Gainsford street, is where the Divine people are making a difference. I have sat in some open spaces before, but this one is way more bubbly, even though there is usually not more than 10 of us at the same time.  Perhaps it’s the constant stream of phone calls, people shouting to each other (in a very civilised way though) and perhaps it’s the noise you get when people are really passionate about what they do.

And in my first week which was packed with inductions, the passion was always there, passion about chocolate, about fairtrade about Ghana & Kuapa.  Divine is a passionate brand!

There is no time wasting here, I have to be switched on all the time. So in less than a week -apart from inductions, already starting to manage our next two big events   (Country  Living Christmas Show and BBC Good Food in Birmingham)  , visited our lovely stand in the speciality food trade  exhibition, went for breakfast presentation about experiential marketing, contacted all our devoted volunteers and fair trade partners, and started to arrange my thoughts on how we can do things even better! 

How do I even find time to blog ???

After years in marketing corporate brands, it is such a good feeling to work for a brand you take real pride off, the kind that makes a positive difference to people , and the kind that make people go- Wow I just love It! (+ an envious look J) 

There is always a downside of course which is all this beautiful chocolate lying around winking at me, being hard to resist, this and friends constantly nagging me for free samples..


One Response to Tal’s first week at Divine

  1. Sara says:

    Welcome Tal! Great to see that you’ve started. Sounds like you’ve had an exciting week. I’ll be popping in to the offices soon so I can welcome you in person. Best of luck until then. Sara x

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