David’s off to Ghana with your questions for farmers

Divine's David Greenwood-Haigh (seen here with Beverley Knight at Greenbelt)

David Greenwood-Haigh, our national account manager here at Divine UK, is off to Ghana for the first time next week to see how Kuapa Kokoo works at first hand, and catch up with all the farmers he’s met in UK, out on their farms.  Cocoa harvest will be in full swing.

Send us the questions you’d like to ask farmers and David will aim to get as many answers as he can. Just post your questions below.


13 Responses to David’s off to Ghana with your questions for farmers

  1. madinghana says:

    What happened to Kingsbite, made in Ghana chocolate bars?

    • david says:

      Not sure about Kingsbite Chocolate. I didn’t see any so I will ask Kuapa staff and see if they know. Thanks for the post


  2. Mandy Allen says:

    whats the farmers favourite chocolate ? Divine ? or are they fed up after working with it all the time?

    • david says:

      Hi Mandy
      The farmers only get to eat Divine chocolate when we visit and take some to them (it melts in Ghana heat – so needs to be eaten v quickly!) so its Dubbly their favourite bar.
      I took out 25 kg and it didnt last very long. I asked your question at the Bayerebon 3 village school where they all said a big “NO”!!

  3. Jo Bryan says:

    Whats the greatest benefit Kuapa Kokoo has brought to the farmers?

    • david says:

      hi Jo
      I asked your question to Elias Mohammed who is a 53 year old cocoa farmer, and is a member of the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative living in Bayerebon3. He told me he has two and a half acres of farming land that produces about twelve bags of cocoa a year. He has five children and has been able to send them all to the school in the village built with Fairtrade premiums. Two have now gone on to senior secondary school.

  4. Bob Needham says:

    Divine works in a very different way to other chocloate companies and you have a shared ownership of it. What difference does that make to you?

    Have a great time David!

    • david says:

      Hi Bob
      Thanks for the question. I asked Juliet, a cocoa farmer from Awaham Kuapa Kokoo co-operative society. She told me that the women of the village had to walk 2 miles to access a milling machine for their corn and other foods stuffs, so they applied to Kuapa for a grant to buy one which was installed in July this year. Kuapa values women and they are now empowered.

  5. Ruth Homer says:

    Hi David,

    In FT fortnight 2010 Nicholas Adjei-Gyan visited Devon. Please could you tell him how much the sixth formers of Teignmouth Community College enjoyed his visit and talk (and trying the chocolate!)and the people of Teignmouth who came to his talk in the evening. Was there any benefit that went back to Ghana following the encounter with people in the UK?

    • david says:

      Hi Ruth
      Nicholas was our host for the trip. I mentioned your comments and question to him. He sends his regards to all at Teignmouth Community College. He enjoyed his visit and meeting all the supporters. He is thinking over your question on benefits on his return and will get back to us soon.


  6. Hi David,
    You’re escaping the snow in the UK for the sunshine of Ghana – great planning !!
    What would be good is to get some images/pictures of the projects that the fairtrade premium gets used for in Ghana – education, medical facilities, wells, etc.
    This would give even more weight to the positive outcomes from Divine, and Fairtrade, (back in the UK.)
    Question – How do the people in Ghana feel about Faitrade, (after 11 years of Divine) and what is their perception of how the developed countries are “buying” into the concept ?

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