What makes Divine special?

Nine bars from Divine

I recently ran a competition for our Twitter followers asking them to answer the question ‘what makes Divine special?’.  The prize was two £50 vouchers to Pizza Express.

I thought I’d share just a selection of the answers received.

– Divine is special because it keeps the kids quiet while they have a mouthful of delicious brownies that I make with Divine Chocolate so I can have five minutes peace after a hectic day!

– I love Divine because of it’s commitment to fairtrade and farmers. Also because it is a rich, smooth chocolate that when it melts in your mouth warms and comforts you on a cold miserable day like today.

– Divine chocolate is special because:
The wrapper’s ornate, like rich Ghanaian textiles,
The chocolate within engenders nothing but big smiles,
And these beautiful smiles come not just from me,
But farmers like Comfort, who own near half the company!

– What makes Divine to me is the taste, the ingredients, the way the chocolate melts in my mouth and puts me in a really good mood. To me Divine Chocolate is exceptional, no other chocolate tastes like Divine.

– 2 words *best chocolate* x x

And here are the two winning answers:

1. It’s rich, irresistible, fair and true  (If only Divine made men too!). Well done Emma Clarke!

2. It’s rich, tasty and scrupulously fair.  Such a package is truly rare! Well done Anna Aird!

Thanks tweeters for your wonderful and uplifting answers!  Follow us on Twitter at @divinechocolate


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