Kuapa farmers meet Nobel Peace Prize winner

Fatima and Harriet, continuing their tour as ambassadors for Kuapa Kokoo and Divine Chocolate, joined up with PeaceJam in Bradford, and met Betty Williams a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and Chino, a fairtrade blueberries producer from Chile.

Harriet and Fatima - with Betty Williams (left) and fellow Fairtrade farmer Chino


3 Responses to Kuapa farmers meet Nobel Peace Prize winner

  1. MaryWitzl says:

    I have two questions for Fatima and Harriet: What do you think of British weather? Also, is the U.K. different from what you expected? :o)

    • charlottejb says:

      Hi Mary – I’ll forward your questions to them (they’re in Cardiff today) and get back to you, Charlotte

    • charlottejb says:

      Hi there Mary – just asked Harriet and Fatima your questions – and here’s what they said:
      When we first got here we were very very cold – but actually now we’ve got more used to it
      We expected there to be big and tall buildings when we got here – and we were right. We also expected to be given Ghanaian food but we haven’t had that. We were wondering whether people would be welcoming here and whether they would understand us, and we are very happy that they have been so very welcoming and they do understand us!

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