Good luck from another feisty Ghanaian player!

2 July 2010

The Ghana Black Stars have done it again – the only African team still in the World Cup.  We’re supporting the team with an ad in the Metro on Friday – so proud to be Ghanaian!

Divine's ad in the Metro supporting Ghana in the World Cup


Kuapa Kokoo gets behind Ghana in the World Cup

2 June 2010

Posted by Kwabena (he’s been asking Kuapa Kokoo farmers and staff what they think of the World Cup being hosted in Africa – here’s what they said):

Kuapa Kokoo has plenty of football stars in the making

“I think the World Cup being hosted in Africa will bring co-operation among Africans and the rest of the world. It also gives Africa a good chance to win the cup. So I am very happy about it.

I want Ghana Black Stars to win because we have talented footballers and I think they can make us proud on the world stage.”

Alexander Osae, Recorder – Kwaboadi Society

“I am happy because the event will bring a lot of people from across the world to Africa and this will help promote African football.

I want Ghana to win the cup because the Black Stars are a group of serious and hardworking players”

E W K Enyan, Recorder- Osamankwaa Society

“The world Cup coming to Africa will help us to know some of our players outside Africa.

I want Ghana to win the cup because it will make us very happy in Ghana.”

Emmanuel Opoku, Recorder-Odaho Society.

Ghana Black Stars

“The world cup to Africa is historic indeed, it a Landmark Achievement. There is no better Legacy to bequeath to our children and grandchildren than hosting the world cup on African soil. We have proved to the world that Africa is not the primitive continent that they think it is. Indeed, Africa is God’s dwelling place. Africa is heaven on earth. Therefore God is a supporter of Africa and he will be a spectator at the stadium for Africa to WIN.

I want Ghana to win the world cup because I am a Ghanaian. I follow my heart but football is a game of chance. Once Ghana qualified to the world cup it means that Ghana too can possibly win if we are lucky. BUT CAN WE? GO! GO ! GO! GHANA.  BE BIAAAA AWU AMA BLACK STARS!”

Mr. Collins Osei Boateng (KK Transport Assistant.)

NB find out about Tom Palmer’s new book for children ‘Off Side’ which tells the tale of a young cocoa farmer’s son who seeks football stardom in the UK…but it all goes wrong