Fairtrade Fortnight offers at the supermarkets

18 February 2013

pile of bars_smallBecause it’s Fairtrade Fortnight we’ve set up some fabulous special offers at the supermarkets. Here are all the details!

Sainsbury’s: It’s buy two bars for £3 on all 100g bars at Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s stocks our dark chocolate with raspberries, 85%, 70%, ginger & orange chocolate and our milk chocolate bars. The offer is on now until 5th March.

Tesco: There’s 25% off all our 100g bars at Tesco. Tesco stocks our 70%, ginger & orange chocolate, dark chocolate with raspberries and our white chocolate with strawberries. The offer is on from 27th February until 26th March.

Waitrose: There’s 25% off all our 100g bars at Waitrose. Waitrose stocks the following flavours: 85%, ginger & orange chocolate, white chocolate with strawberries, milk chocolate, orange chocolate, 70% and dark chocolate with raspberries. The offer is on now until 12th March.


An update from Divine control centre!

25 February 2010

This week I’m mostly here in the office while Divine people travel far and wide across the UK accompanying Comfort Kumeah and Kojo Aduhene-Tano, the Kuapa Kokoo farmers over from Ghana for Fairtrade Fortnight.  At the moment the farmers are up in Leicester for a great programme of visits to schools and colleges, plus meetings with local businesses. They’ve been interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester and Voice of America!  Next they’re off to Stamford for another whirlwind of events.

Meantime Laura is sampling with Waitrose today, and then off to the Channel Islands, and I’m off to Bath University tomorrow to talk at a debate entitled ‘The inequalities of globalisation: is Fairtrade the answer’.  Sophi Tranchell will be speaking at the Breaking the Mould conference organised by the Financial Mail – giving girls some inspiration about the potential of their future careers.

To find out if there’s something Divine going on near you during Fairtrade Fortnight check out our events diary.