Divine Chocolate Ltd

Divine is the UK’s leading brand of fairtrade chocolate.

Back in 1997 a cooperative of cocoa farmers in Ghana decided to set up their own chocolate company in the UK to give them direct access to the lucrative UK chocolate industry.  The Day Chocolate Company was established with a third of shares owned by the cooperative, Kuapa Kokoo, and the other shares owned by Body Shop and the NGO Twin Trading.  Back then there were 2000 farmers from 22 villages involved, now there are over 45000 farmer members from 1200 villages.  We have meanwhile been working to grow sales of their Fairtrade brands Divine and Dubble in the UK, and we are now the leading Fairtrade chocolate company with product available in all the major supermarkets nationwide.  Our mission is to improve the lives of cocoa farmers in West Africa, and to do this by selling a good quality chocolate that will appeal to everybody and is affordable by everybody.  So far 45000 farmers are getting the direct benefit – not just from the fairer price for the cocoa, and the premiums they spend themselves on drinking water wells, schools, and healthcare, but also from being part of a democratic community spread right across Ghana, where farmers’ voices are heard and their votes count.  In addition to the benefits from Fairtrade – this cooperative also shares the profits from Divine and Dubble, and directly influences how the company is run.

2 Responses to Divine Chocolate Ltd

  1. Dave says:

    Would like to resell over the bar and to hotel residents.

    Can you let me have a product sheet and wholesale price list ?


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