Guess who’s loving Divine (8)

18 March 2011

The lovely Janet Ellis, one of the best known presenters of the iconic Blue Peter programme on BBC, and regular contributor to radio and TV (most recently Celebrity Come Dine with Me), is a big lover of Divine

“To eat Divine is a daily treat, to remember its provenance is a continual inspiration.”

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Guess who’s loving Divine (7)

5 November 2010
Rhian Benson
Rhian Benson

Smooth soul singer Rhian Benson loves Divine!  Her Ghanaian roots showing loud and proud!

“I will always remember my first taste of chocolate. It was Christmas in Ghana and my Auntie gave me a box of miniature chocolates made from local Ghana cocoa. The main thing I remember as a child of 4 was the velvet smooth, richness and that unforgettable flavour.. so began my life-long love affair with chocolate! 

Years later I have come to appreciate that the unique characteristic of the chocolate I first fell in love with in Ghana derived from the combination of very high cocoa content and the superior quality cocoa used in the manufacture of the chocolates. I am so delighted to have found this unique flavour all over again in Divine chocolate

Divine believes in fair trade with their Ghana cocoa farming partners, a sustainable and mutually beneficial arrangement that ensures that Ghanaian cocoa farmers reap their just rewards for the incredibly hard work they do and Divine, in turn, receive the very finest cocoa available. One thing that I hugely admire is that the brand is actually owned by the farmers! In return they benefit so much more than other chocolate brands who don’t provide those opportunities for their farmers. DIVINE stands out from the others!

Divine is as Divine does!!”

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Guess who’s loving Divine (6)

14 May 2010

Beverley Knight

The simply gorgeous Beverley Knight stood up at the podium at the recent SHE Inspiring Women Awards – and proclaimed her love for Divine.  We love her lots in return!  This is what she said:

” No one needs to sell me the virtues of Divine Chocolate! One bar and I was sold. I absolutely love it! Why? Well, the clue’s in the name!!! It’s ethical too! You have GOT to try it!”
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Guess who’s loving Divine (5)

14 April 2010

Gregg Wallace

 Celebrity grocer, chef and co-presenter of BBC‘s MasterChef, Gregg Wallace is loving Divine!

Closer magazine asked him “What can’t you help snacking on, even though you know you shouldn’t?” and he said…”Divine‘s Fairtrade chocolate bars. I’ve got a hugely sweet tooth, but my diet as been a lot healthier since I met Heidi last year, so it’s my one indulgence.”

 (Source: Closer, 10th April 2010)

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Comedians loving Divine

21 October 2009

We were delighted to see the cast of the fantastic play Comedians by Trevor Griffith celebrating Chocolate Week in style by chomping on Divine!

Described as a “stunning performace” by the Guardian, the play is showing until 14th November at the Lyric Theatre.

Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly

Mark Benton

Mark Benton

Reece Shearsmith

Reece Shearsmith

Michael Dylan

Michael Dylan

Chocolate cocktails, chocolate cupcakes and chocolate canapés at The Gore Hotel

15 October 2009
Natasha Kaplinsky & Joanna Yarrow with Divine Martinis

Natasha Kaplinsky & Joanna Yarrow with Divine Martinis

Last night we hosted a cocktail evening for food bloggers and online friends to celebrate Chocolate Week. Held at the sumptuous Gore Hotel in Kensington, guests enjoyed Divine cocktails made by The Gore’s exuberant mixologist. A couple of days before the event Charlotte headed over to the hotel to meet the mixologist and try some of his Chocolate Week creations – the results were fantastic! A Divine Martini made with Divine’s dark chocolate bar, Baileys, Kahlua, Absolut Vanilla and vodka. The Strawberry Crush was a more fruity option made with fresh strawberries, raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice, vodka and Divine’s dark chocolate. Divine’s resident chocolatier David Greenwood-Haigh had spent the afternoon creating some wonderful truffles. Guests were in for a surprise as David also showcased his new chocolate creation – chocolate-coated cherry tomatoes! Cupcakes were provided by the lovely Helena Corvin-Swahn of Mallard and Swahn – words cannot describe how utterly gorgeous these miniature morsels of choccy heaven were. She had even decorated some of the cupcakes with a beautiful golden Divine heart – the heart-shaped symbol in the centre of the Divine logo which is a traditional Ghanaian emblem meaning revival and learning from the past.

It was great to meet people face to face – representatives from Daisy Green, Ethics Girls, The Londonist, Netmums, The Culinary Guide, Mumsnet, Green My Style, Joanna Yarrow of Beyond Green with friend Natasha Kaplinsky. We hope everyone enjoyed the evening as much as we did! Happy Chocolate Week everyone and thanks for joining us … we’ll be doing it again soon! To see photos from the event visit our Flickr page.

Choosing cupcakes

Choosing cupcakes

Marian loves chocolate

7 October 2009
Marian Keyes loves Divine

Marian Keyes loves Divine

“What a feel-good story, what a great thing they’re doing.  And what lovely chocolate” said the gorgeous Marian Keyes when she discovered Divine. And we love her stories here at Divine!

There’s nothing like  snuggling up with a good book and a bar of chocolate ,  so look out for special competition bars of our 100g Dark Chocolate in supermarkets which  offer the chance to win hoards of chocolate and signed copies of Marian ‘ s wonderful new book out 29th October.  Not only that, but when you buy a copy of Marian’s new book from Waterstones bookshops  there’s another chance to win hampers full of chocolate!

Watch Marians video on chocolate here.

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The Wire and Divine at Fair Trade on the Fringe

3 September 2009
The Wire's Clarke Peters and his family meet Tania at Fair Trade on the Fringe in Edinburgh

The Wire's Clarke Peters and his family meet Tania at Fair Trade on the Fringe in Edinburgh

Hand Up Media’s Tania Pramschufer reports from Edinburgh…

Fair Trade on the Fringe 28th – 31st August was the wonderful event that took place on Grassmarket, the old town of Edinburgh last week during the International Festival. With so many highlights, this event keeps bringing a smile to my face……. it’s the work of Hand Up Media the ethical company that promotes fair & ethical trade far and wide through events, publications and our online media such as  – and we love the work we do!

Several celebrities passed through Fair Trade on the Fringe and for those of you that have seen “The Wire”  Clarke Peters who played Detective Lester Freamon, his wife Penny and son Max joined us for some Divine chocolate and left with several flavours including the new and totally yummy dark with raspberry, and big smiles and hugs in equal measure. We had much fun with the guys from Shared Interest, the lovely investment organisation that invests in fairtrade projects across the globe who gave us much to enjoy, with Ruth winning top prize for her red hot chilli costume.

Shared Interest at Fair Trade on the Fringe

Shared Interest at Fair Trade on the Fringe

We had around 30 exhibitors selling everything from delicious rice from Malawi through Just Trading Scotland (is simply the most versatile and delicious rice I have ever tasted) soaps and olive oils through Palcrafts and a wonderful range of mini kids tees through Little Green Radicals, my favourite “Give peas a chance” on the front and made with beautiful cotton from India. And then Rachel from One World Shop, Reenie from Tearcraft and Bruce and Sarah from Fairshares seemed to have a gift for every occasion.

On the Dubble stand, headed by Secret Agent Kash had at one point around a dozen young people queuing all keen to become Dubble Agents. First though, they had to follow an exhibitors trail to locate the hidden pods which then had clues to be unravelled, all the exhibitors got behind this Dubble Mission trail and had as much fun as the kids, well we’re all big kids anyway.

Fair Trade on the Fringe had four days of wonderful music provided by Scots Music – an amazing guitarist named Ray Prince from Pretoria and Laura McGhee who played a rousing acoustic solo set and then in four weeks will be playing with her band in Nashville to a crowd of 250,000

Roll on Christmas:-)

Guess who’s loving Divine (4)

8 July 2009

Sway says:

“As someone with Ghanaian roots, I think it’s great that the cocoa farmers over there get a fair share of the action.  Happy 10th birthday Divine, and keep up the good work.”  

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Guess who’s loving Divine (3)

25 June 2009
Cherie Lunghi (photo by John Rogers)

Cherie Lunghi (photo by John Rogers)

Cherie Lunghi says:

“Chocolate is the ultimate feelgood treat – I’m unable to resist a lovely square of chocolate every now and then! But I’m fussy about what I choose, and I buy Divine not just because it’s so good, but also because it’s owned by cocoa farmers which gives them a share of the profits and real power in the chocolate market. That seems like a pretty good reason for indulging..”

Who else is loving Divine?