Where does Nestle take Fairtrade?

11 December 2009

Posted by Sophi:

While the world powers battle it out in Copenhagen over who should commit what to combating climate change, the poorer countries yet again are objecting to being both unequally affected, and unfairly pressed to reduce their carbon footprint.  A subtext to this summit, as with all other world summits these days is – is it Governments or global business with the most power and capability to make real change happen?

In the Fairtrade world, the power of global business to effect change is currently back in the spotlight too, with the announcement that Nestle is to be awarded the license to carry the Fairtrade Mark on its four-finger KitKat  bars.

While everyone welcomes the increase in income promised to smallscale cocoa farmers and sugar farmers, even those who are deeply committed to fairer trade are conflicted over this development – see Rob Greenland’s  blog , but many, such as Michael Niemann and Joe Turner  are concerned about where these global companies will take Fairtrade.  Fairtrade London is hosting a debate about it too.

We see Fairtrade as part of a bigger movement to fundamentally change the way business is done, shifting money and decision-making into the hands of the many, and out of the hands of the few. Activists have worked hard to see that happen, and consumers deserve to see real commitment, and not lip service to fairer trade and better business practice.

Divine goes to the Panto!

7 December 2009

Evelyn Greedly tucks into Divine before making mischief in Jack and the Beanstalk

Divine supported the first night of  Christmas panto  ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ at the Lyric Hammersmith – and Sophi and I went along with our families to watch the show.  The familiar story of a poor boy whose poverty and desperation is exploited by a wicked schemer who gives him a poor price for his most valuable asset….. had a strange resonance for us!

It was a great show – with the very special innovation that the real star of the cast was the cow  – being played by a Spanish bull in drag!  Some great performances, lots of in-jokes about Hammersmith, singing and dancing, plus plenty of hissing and booing and ‘he’s behind you!’ to satisfy an audience of all ages. 

Jack would have traded his cow for a few Divine bars!

Also great to see the Lyric going ahead with its ambitious expansion plans to enable it to offer a full range of services and courses to the local community.

Jill does a great Beyonce impersonation - fuelled by Divine!

Jill does a great Beyonce impersonation - fuelled by Divine!

Jack's mum Wendy Windsor and her admirer Plug

The Dame and her admirer Plug